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About us

We specialise in helping employers make the right salary and reward decisions for their people.

Remuneration strategy and management means different things to different people. It can be about getting the right salary and rewards package in place, making sure you are offering market value rates, aligning job roles following an acquisition or managing the performance of your staff.

MHR Global offers strategic remuneration consulting services helping businesses to attract and retain their people by better understanding how best to reward them. We specialise in this area of human resources – and have experience across all sectors.

Initially a consulting arm within PA Consulting Group, in 1999 we became part of its venture company, Cubiks – the specialist HR consultancy. Now, years later, we are an independent consultancy, owned wholly by our founder and Managing Director.

Our foundations

Over the years, we have found that three core beliefs inform everything we do:

We believe in the personal touch.  

We don’t operate as a faceless ‘corporate’ nor see our remuneration services and products as a pre-sale to recruitment offerings. Our services are managed by a rewards management professional with a Human Resources background who knows the type of challenge you face and speaks your language.

We share and transfer our knowledge.

Our aim is for our clients to understand the data they have about their people and to use this to better their business. Whether it’s through Skype or other video links, we offer remote support and take users through their information step by step. We share what we know: through articles, roundtables, speaking events and simply talking with our clients over the phone.

Technology supports but does not drive our business.

We believe that our online products offer our clients a user-friendly, intuitive means of accessing the information they need to make informed decisions. We engage in a dialogue with our clients about how best to develop the technology, but always against the backdrop of how to analyse and present the information to make their jobs easier.

Contact MHR

If you would like to find out more about our products and services please contact us by telephone or email.