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Performance Reward Manager™

Managing key aspects of remuneration programmes

Developed by MHR Global, Performance Reward Manager helps employers in managing two key aspects of remuneration programmes:

· Developing transparent management of an Incentive Programme
· Distribution of remuneration increases within an agreed budget

It contains two modules, capable of being used alone or together and have been designed to work alongside Appraisal-Smart but can be used with other Performance rating systems.

Incentive Manager

The Incentive Manager module helps establish a pool of funds from which incentive payments are made, distributes this to recognise organisation, team and individual performance and contribution - or a mix of these and applies different ratios of organisation, team and individual performance recognition elements for different teams or work units

Progression Manager

This module helps to optimise the distribution of increases to qualifying employees, based on their current remuneration within a range, and the performance rating for a Performance Assessment programme. It enables the modeling of different levels of increase to achieve a targeted average and includes market adjustments to recognise movements in the market and performance/contribution adjustments. It can allocate increases based on the combined influence of position in the Remuneration structure and performance rating from the appraisal system.

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